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Small business, SME and startup content marketing package

Sydney-based content marketing agency Antelope Media is committed to helping small businesses, SMEs and startups grow. That’s why our small business content marketing package gives you the same quality content we provide to some of Australia’s biggest organisations at a price you can afford.

These days your ideal customer or client is searching online… Isn’t that how you ended up here?

But when they search for information about the products or services you’re selling, what do they find?

If it’s not your website, chances are it’s your rival’s. And that means someone else has had the chance to sell to your prospective client before you’ve even had a look in.

Good content marketing can help you get in first

By producing quality content, you’ll help make sure yours is the first site your potential customers or clients are directed to. You’ll also have the chance to educate them, qualify them and position your business as the one that will help them most. 

Because guess what?

As many as 9 out of 10 people search online for information around a product or service before they have any intention of buying it.* They search for questions, compare their options and look for online reviews.

And that means you can step in and be their guide from that very preliminary inquiry through to the point of sale and beyond.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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