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My daughter loves television: the future of advertising

As long ago as 2008, Seth Godin proclaimed that content marketing was the only marketing left. So what does that mean for the future of advertising?

Like most five-year-olds, my daughter loves television.

But in the interests of her well-rounded development, her TV watching is restricted. She gets about half an hour a day – a little more on the weekends when my wife and I attempt to sleep in.

The only thing my five year old daughter loves more than television is television ads. Perhaps that’s because commercial TV is restricted even more than TV itself. So for her there’s still some novelty value in advertisers doing the hard sell. Continue reading “My daughter loves television: the future of advertising” »


Why lawyers need to rethink advertising

Ralph Grayden gives his view on lawyers and content marketing.

Ralph’s article, Why Lawyers Need to Rethink Advertising, has been published in the June 2014 issue of the newly relaunched Law Society of NSW Journal.

As he writes: “Standing out from the pack can be a tough ask for lawyers, which is why targeted and strategic content is a law firm’s best friend.” Continue reading “Why lawyers need to rethink advertising” »