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As a content marketing and copywriting agency, Antelope Media operates at the intersection of journalism, copywriting, publishing and marketing

Here are just some of the reasons Australia’s leading brands choose to use us.

What we believe in

Digging deep

We take the time to understand your organisation. Something you think is routine may be groundbreaking for your clients.


Mastering any subject takes time and knowledge. Content marketing and copywriting are no different.


It always pays to look at things from a different angle, even when you're involved in a serious business.


We believe in being analytical as well as creative. We're always prepared to put in the hard yards.


We take ownership of our work and will always take the time to explain why we've done something.


Just because we do serious work it doesn't mean we're staid. We believe in enjoying our work.

Our thinking

Real estate copywriting - a scene

Real estate copywriting: what every good agent needs to know.

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If you're a real estate agent looking to engage a copywriter, here are six key things we think you should know.   1. There are different types of real estate…
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Can content marketing sell a home?

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Sometimes the return on investment from content marketing takes some explaining. Other times it’s plain for all to see. Here’s a look at how a single blog post we wrote…
real estate listing

How to write the perfect property listing

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Learn to write the perfect property listing with Emma Sorensen
Emma Sorensen Antelope Media

Meet our Managing Editor

Emma’s philosophy is that people trust businesses that produce well-written, useful content. And, as a journalist and managing editor who began her career in book publishing, Emma knows a thing or two about quality content. Emma has a wealth of experience working across industries like property and real estate, healthcare, and the arts.

Our clients tell us they value Emma’s analytical and organisational ability, as well as the writing skills and creative ideas she brings to every project.

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Why Antelope Media?

There are so many reasons to choose Antelope Media over other content providers. Here are three of the key ones.

Expert writers

Specialist content requires specialist writers. We pride ourselves on making the complex seem simple.

Simple processes

We take the pain out of developing content through our tried and tested delivery process.

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Proven results

We've helped so many leading organisations just like yours achieve better results through their content.