If you’re a real estate agent looking to engage a copywriter, here are six key things we think you should know.


1. There are different types of real estate copywriting

When many real estate agents think of copywriting, they think of the writers who produce copy for listings. But that’s just one type of writing for real estate. There are also writers who’ll produce website copy, articles, video scripts and marketing materials. )


2. There are different types of real estate copywriters

As each of these types of copywriting requires different skills, you may find achieving the best results means using multiple writers.


3. Good real estate copywriting begins with your audience

All good writing begins with the audience in mind, and real estate copywriting is no different. No matter whether you’re writing a blog, an article, a real estate listing or some form of real estate marketing material, you should always first ask yourself, ‘who is my audience?’ followed by ‘what matters to them?’ This is fundamental to connecting and cutting through.


4. Real estate copywriting doesn’t always have to sell

Most good agents will tell you that property is a relationship game, and your content is no different. You can use your words to build trust and foster ongoing relationships so that when it comes time to buy or sell, you’re the first person people think of. That’s the beauty of content marketing for real estate agents.


5. But copywriting can sell pretty well when you need it to

When it comes time to list a property for sale, a lot of agents focus on photography. The words are something of an afterthought. But if you really want to connect with buyers, your words should be working just as hard as your imagery. That means they should connect emotionally as well as rationally. They should also be original.


6. It pays to use a real estate copywriting agency

Because there are so many different types of real estate copywriting, with different skills involved, it pays to use a copywriting agency. That way, you’ll get access to multiple writers with different strengths and levels of experience.

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Ralph Grayden

Ralph Grayden

Ralph Grayden is content director at Antelope Media.