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Our website copywriting agency will help your organisation stand out. We’re experts in all digital copy, including SEO, and will can develop a content-based website that connects with your audiences.

Our carefully selected team of digital copywriters will give you the words that bring in traffic and inspire action. We can give you the words that will help reach more people through Search Engine Optimisation. We’ll also make sure you convert those browsers into buyers.

After all, we’ve honed our skills working for some of the world’s biggest brands, and we know how to get clicks.

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We work for many of Australia's - and the world's - leading brands

Specialist website copywriters

Connecting with online audiences may sound simple enough but the reality is that writing for websites is very different from many other forms of writing.

People read differently when they’re online – often skimming rather than reading line- by-line. They also tend to flick through information quickly, waiting for something to grab their attention.

A website copywriter needs to be able to present information in a way that takes advantage of this. They also need to understand the content hierarchy. This means showing the most important information up front, and signposting less important content.

That way, they can hook readers in straight away and then direct them to the information they need.

If your content isn’t doing this, we can help.

SEO copywriters that cut through

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and website copywriting are intertwined. It’s impossible to have one without the other. Otherwise, your website won’t get found and no one will ever read what you’ve written.

Our website copywriting team always keeps web traffic front of mind. But we try to do it in a way that won’t impact readability or dilute your message. Trust our SEO copywriters to get your website found.

Specialists in structuring website content

For many websites, how you structure content is almost as important as the content itself. That’s especially true when you have a lot of information you need to impart.

Our website copywriting team is experienced in large and sophisticated websites. We’ve written for government, large financial institutions, universities and other organisations with a sophisticated message, service or product they need to explain.

Writing about complex information online

Writing about complex information can be a real challenge. It’s easy to get bogged down in the detail and try to include it all. Our website copywriters stand out for their ability to know what not to include. We also know how to structure information in a way that lets readers find exactly what they’re looking for.

That’s why many of Australia’s best organisations, from large corporates to government agencies trust us with their website copywriting.

Why Antelope Media?

There are so many reasons to choose Antelope Media over other content providers. Here are three of the key ones.

Expert writers

Specialist content requires specialist writers. We pride ourselves on making the complex seem simple.

Simple processes

We take the pain out of developing content through our tried and tested delivery process.

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Proven results

We've helped so many leading organisations just like yours achieve better results through their content.

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