Sydney-based content marketing & copywriting agency Antelope Media specialises in making the complex simple. Many of our clients come from financial services, professional services, property and health.

We’ve worked for global brands and household names, as well as for smaller players and start-ups with big dreams.

We’re at our best when we’re helping our clients distil complex or sophisticated ideas or products into simple and powerful messages that resonate with their potential market and customers.

We’ve helped law firms, banks, IT consultants, B2B service providers, banks, financial advisers, media companies, government agencies, healthcare providers, medical manufacturers, arts organisations, real estate professionals and more.

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Some of the leading organisations Antelope Media has worked with include:

  • Macquarie Bank

  • Microsoft

  • ResMed

  • BankWest

  • UK Trade and Investment

  • The Law Society of NSW

  • MLC

  • Godfrey Pembroke

  • Blackstone Legal Costing

  • Prominent Lawyers

  • Twyfords

  • LG

  • Prodonovich Advisory

  • Catalina Consultants


  • CCH Australia

  • Thomson Reuters

  • Vodafone

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