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Australia’s expert writing trainers and teachers

Looking for the best writing webinars, seminars and in-house training? Our writing trainers and teachers are experts in showing you the tactics, techniques and strategies for communicating effectively with the written word.

That’s because we’re not just experts at teaching writing; we’re working writers ourselves.

Our team of writing teachers can show you how to engage your audiences, get your message through to them and compel action.

That’s why we’re trusted by some of the biggest names in Australia and the world to teach their staff how to write.

Why our writing seminars, webinars and training are different

A lot of writing teaching is theoretical or unrealistic. Otherwise, it’s too prescriptive and gets bogged down in the detail of grammar.

We know that people learn best when training isn’t just relevant and practical, but also fun. That’s why we work hard to make sure our teaching is engaging and dynamic, as well as useful.

We also believe in the power of technology to help us become better and more efficient writers. We’ve also become Australia’s preferred workplace instructors for learning to write with Artificial Intelligence.

Hands down, the best money I have spent in 10 years in business. I mean it.

Thanks for a fantastic presentation. The team's feedback has been exceptionally positive–practical, structured, and immediately useful. It has removed the mystery, and they feel empowered.

Informative, entertaining and, best of all, very practical.

Our writing webinars and seminars and in-house writing training

Antelope Media’s team of writing teachers and trainers can help your organisation write better and more effectively. We've set out some of our courses and workshops below. Otherwise, please contact us at emma@antelopemedia.com.au and we'll tailor a workshop for you.

Write Better Faster: A guide to writing effectively with ChatGPT

Let us show you how you can use ChatGPT to become a better, faster writer and produce better writing at much lower costs.

A Marketer’s Guide to Writing With AI

In this interactive 60-minute webinar, we show you how to turn ChatGPT into a content marketing machine.

Big Impact Writing

Get your message heard by learning the techniques copywriters use.

Our thinking

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Ralph Grayden

Meet our Writing Teacher in Chief

Ralph Grayden is a professional writer and writing coach.

Ralph specialises in taking complex and sophisticated ideas and concepts and turning them into simple, powerful language that resonates with a wider audience.

Ralph has already taught hundreds of professionals around the world how to write more efficiently and powerfully. He has also published one of the first books on writing effectively with artificial intelligence.

Contact Ralph directly