Antelope Media began with a misheard lyric*…

“Antelopes are visionaries”, sang Simon and Garfunkel in their 1967 classic At the Zoo.**

Or at least we thought that’s what they were singing…

When we listened closely, we realised they were actually saying antelopes were missionaries. Oh dear.

We like our lyrics better, which just shows they could have done with our services.

Regardless of whether antelopes are visionaries or missionaries, they still represent what we’re all about: nimble, swift, resourceful and doing our best to avoid being eaten by hungry lions.

We have worked for clients in the UK, US and Australia, in industries as diverse as legal services, book publishing, financial services, property and real estate, health, retail and the arts.

Visionaries, missionaries, whatever. At least there is no disputing that the zookeeper is very fond of rum…

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* That’s mondegreen for our fellow word nerds.

** Got the tune stuck in your head now? Listen to it on Spotify

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Why Antelope Media?

There are so many reasons to choose Antelope Media over other content providers. Here are three of the key ones.

Expert writers

Specialist content requires specialist writers. We pride ourselves on making the complex seem simple.

Simple processes

We take the pain out of developing content through our tried and tested delivery process.

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Proven results

We've helped so many leading organisations just like yours achieve better results through their content.