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Can content marketing sell a home?

Sometimes the return on investment from content marketing takes some explaining. Other times it’s plain for all to see.

Here’s a look at how a single blog post we wrote had a massive impact for one of our real estate clients.  

The client: one of Sydney’s best real estate agents

Our client, Jason Boon, is a leading real estate agent in Sydney’s Inner Eastern Suburbs, including Potts Point, Woolloomooloo and Darlinghurst. This is one of the most desirable and fashionable parts of Sydney. And, with a rich and bohemian history, it has always attracted some of the city’s most interesting people.  

Jason has a seriously in-depth knowledge of the local area and infectious enthusiasm for what he does. Put simply, he’s the kind of person anyone would enjoy having a beer or a coffee with.

More importantly, Jason has sold more than $1.6 billion in property over two decades. Impressive stuff in anyone’s books.

The content strategy: authenticity

Jason came to us for content marketing through our friend Josh Cobb from real estate-focused digital marketing agency Stepps. We work closely with Josh and Stepps for a lot of our real estate clients.

Josh was helping Jason stay one step ahead of his competitors by becoming even more synonymous with the area he served. Part of Josh’s strategy involved using content to spark conversations with homeowners and potential customers in inner-city Sydney.

Our job was to develop and produce the content that brought this to life. So, when we began working with Jason on his content marketing, it was natural that we wanted to capture some of his warm personality, as well as his love for the area.

We also wanted to bring out his vast and detailed knowledge of everything that goes on, and has gone on, in his stamping ground.

That’s when Jason’s blog “Local Stories” was born.

The blog: more than simply real estate

One week you’ll find Jason sharing his tips on where to get the best breakfast in Potts Point. Another week you’ll find him giving you insights into the history of your street or talking about a significant building.  And, on other weeks he’s giving a market update, talking about lifestyle trends or he’s blogging about the types of people moving into the area and what’s motivating them to buy the properties they buy.

In short, Jason’s blog, is about more than real estate. It’s a hyper-local and personal look at inner-city Sydney. It’s interesting, intelligent and useful. And, for that reason, it has also attracted a following of eager readers who sign up to his e-newsletter.

Just as importantly, by reading the blog, casual visitors to Jason’s website can immediately see what he can offer them, as well as getting a sense for who he is and what motivates him. This creates a sense of trust that makes them much more likely to take action when the time is right.

ROI: the content silver bullet

Recently we worked with Jason to create a blog post, ‘Why Wolloomooloo Real Estate Should Be On Your Radar’, in which he gave his insight into the many benefits of buying in this underrated suburb and why it will be one to watch over the coming years.

A regular reader, who also happened to be a homeowner in Woolloomooloo, liked what Jason had to say. So, as he was thinking of selling, he messaged Jason directly telling him he liked the article and asking about the possibility of Jason representing him.

Within just two weeks Jason had helped him sell his property off-market for $2.765 million. The commission for which can be directly traced to Jason’s content marketing and even more specifically to one blog post.

How’s that for return on investment?

The final word on content marketing

We were excited for Jason and the success of his content marketing efforts. But let’s leave the final word to the client himself.

“Our goal was to increase the number of conversations we have with homeowners in our local market,” Jason says of this digital marketing strategy.

“What quickly developed was a strategic partnership with Stepps and Antelope Media that brought our vision to life, including the sale of $2.765 million property from an article on our website.”

Want more?

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