Antelope Media’s writing seminar for lawyers, Big Impact Writing, has been helping lawyers around Australia become better writers and communicators. We’ve already hosted it for the Law Society of NSW, the Law Society of Tasmania and for firms of all sizes. Find out why your organisation should be next…

Being an effective lawyer means writing so that your clients can understand and act on your advice. But how do you communicate complex legal ideas to an audience with little or no legal knowledge?

Drawing on our experience as professional writers – as well as the worlds of journalism, copywriting, novel writing and even poetry – the Antelope Media team will show you simple techniques to improve your writing and build trust and understanding with your clients.

What will you learn at Big Impact Writing for Lawyers?

Big Impact writing shows you how to:

  • Put yourself in your clients’ shoes
  • Express yourself powerfully and simply
  • Ditch the legalese
  • Develop your own effective writing style
  • Structure your writing
  • Avoid common mistakes and debunk writing myths.

Who does Big Impact Writing for Lawyers suit?

We think everyone should come along but the people who’ll benefit most are:

  • Lawyers who want to write clearly and effectively
  • Lawyers looking to progress their career or grow their client base
  • Lawyers of any experience who want to improve the way they communicate with their clients.

Get in touch today to find out how we can host Big Impact Writing for your firm or organisation.

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