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Legal copywriting

Our team of legal copywriters helps lawyers, law firms and businesses in the legal sector engage potential clients and build deeper relationships with existing ones. Whether you need website copy, brochure writing, capability statements, articles, case summaries or more we can help.

Our team is led by Ralph Grayden, a former commercial lawyer who began his career at a top-tier international law firm. We understand the subject matter of what we’re writing about, as well as the realities of practising law.

What makes Antelope Media different to other legal copywriting agencies?

It’s not just our hands-on experience in the law that makes Antelope Media different to other copywriters and agencies playing in the legal copywriting space.

We also have experience writing for leading advertising agencies, publishing houses and legal publications.

It’s this combination of knowing the technicalities of the law and our experience getting a message across to a generalist audience that sets us apart from anyone else.

How our legal copywriters can help your law firm

We harness this unparalleled experience to help your firm cut through and engage. Leading law firms choose to use us for:

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What they’re saying about us

“Right from the start, [Ralph] was able to bring fresh ideas to the project, absorb and organise large amounts of complex information and develop content on a wide variety of topics… His insights, creativity, business knowledge and impeccable writing style greatly contributed to the success of the portal and the positive feedback we have received from NSW solicitors.” – Anne Finet, Membership Director, Law Society of NSW

“Lovin’ it Ralph.  Thank you.” – Business Development Director at a mid-tier firm.

Law firms and legal sector businesses we’ve helped

We’ve helped so many lawyers, law firms and businesses connected to the legal industry get their message through. Some of the brands our legal copywriters have worked for include:

  • The Law Society of NSW
  • Bartier Perry
  • Kemp Strang
  • Holman Webb Lawyers
  • Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
  • Australian Business Lawyers
  • Swaab Attorneys
  • Prominent Lawyers
  • Thoroughbred Legal
  • Dovetail Legal Solutions
  • Blackstone Waterhouse Lawyers
  • Prodonovich Advisory
  • Law In Order
  • CCH Australia
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Blackstone Legal Costing
  • Many, many more

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Meet our legal copywriting lead

Ralph Grayden, content marketing, copywriting, Sydney, agency,

Long before Antelope Media was born, Ralph Grayden started his working life as a starry-eyed lawyer at one of Australia’s top tier law firms. Since then, Ralph has written for leading businesses across three continents including Microsoft, Macquarie Bank, The Law Society of NSW, several leading law firms and every one of the Big Four Australian Banks. He’s also worked as a senior digital copywriter for some of Australia’s leading ad agencies, including Publicis Mojo and Ogilvy.

Our clients often say they love the fresh ideas and vision Ralph brings to their work. They also appreciate his ability to turn complex information and concepts into powerful, engaging ideas.

Contact Ralph on +61 (2) 8091 3804 or at ralph@antelopemedia.com.au today to find out how we can help your law firm win more work with its content marketing, copywriting, content strategy and communications.

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