Ah, the listicle: it’s part blog, part article and the backbone of content marketing.

Serious businesses sometimes shy away from the simplicity of the listicle to showcase their content, dismissing them as the sole domain of the trashy online tabloid. But the simple fact is that the listicle lets you present even the most complex information in an interesting, engaging and inviting way – which is why news outlets as well regarded as The Guardian, the New York Times and even The Economist use the technique.

So if your business isn’t yet publishing listicles, here’s 7 reasons it should be:

1. They’re easy to write. Lack of structure is one of the main obstacles to writing efficiently and writing well – something you never have to worry about with listicles.

2. They’re easy to read. When you’re on your smartphone – as many of your readers will be – nothing’s worse than trying to read through chunks of text. Again, that’s not a problem with the listicle.

3. They think like we do. The human brain loves a prequalified system for sorting information and that’s exactly what the listicle does… at least that’s what the New Yorker says.

4. They get rid of background noise. No matter how complex a topic is, a listicle helps focus a reader’s mind, letting them easily scan and still get a sense of what’s important, as Forbes explains.

5. They cut through all noise. Research shows that we respond to numbers in headlines (especially odd ones). So, in a growing sea of content, listicles still stand out.

6. They give you creative freedom. Creative freedom has always come from working within parameters and the listicle gives you the chance to express yourself in a fresh and compelling way.

7. They work. According to Hubspot, 12 of 20 most popular stories that have ever been published on LinkedIn Pulse were listicles.

And finally…

If that’s not enough, the tight structure of a listicle creates a place for a ready-made conclusion and call to action.

Which I where I’m supposed to say if you need help turning your expertise into a simple, powerful and engaging listicle, simply contact Antelope Media.

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Ralph Grayden

Ralph Grayden

Ralph Grayden is content director at Antelope Media.