“How often do I need to blog?” is probably the most common content marketing question we’re asked.

blogging, blogging tips, how to blog, how often to blog, content marketingThe most common question people ask us about content marketing is how often they need to blog.

It usually goes something like this: “Do I really need to say something every single hour/day/week/fortnight/month? I just don’t think I’m that interesting.”*

The answer we give is that, like pretty much everything in life, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how frequently you should post.

Don’t burn yourself out by blogging too often

We think you should blog often enough that people (and Google) know you’re out there. You want to avoid the kind of sporadic posting that makes your blog look like ancient history. But it’s about achieving a balance. Blog when you have interesting stuff to say, but not so often that people switch off.

After all, there is nothing more likely to make people lose interest in what you’re saying than producing content for content’s sake.

Sometimes less is more

Yes, we know some marketing gurus disagree, and will prescribe hard rules to follow and make you stick to a strict content plan they’ve drawn up. But for many businesses using blog content as a marketing tool it doesn’t make a lot of sense to approach it all so rigidly.

A lot depends on what you’re talking about, how engaged your audience is and what the nature of your business is. For instance, a consumer brand like Coke who has a young, engaged audience likely to buy from them several times a week should probably produce content more frequently than someone who is selling an infrequent one-off service like a washing machine repairer. Service businesses like lawyers or accountants usually fall somewhere between these two extremes.

When it comes to blogging, go for quality over quantity

In most cases effective blogging is not about quantity, it’s about quality. And quality ultimately means staying relevant to your audience.

Being selective about what you post is the key to being seen as a true expert and leader, and that’s part of what content marketing is all about.

Even if you’re not pumping out content at evenly-spaced intervals, your blogs will certainly accumulate over time and soon give you a pretty decent body of work to look back over.

And that’s kind of the point.

*The second most frequent question we get is ‘what should I call my blog’. And the third is ‘what should I blog about?’ More on those later…

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Ralph Grayden

Ralph Grayden

Ralph Grayden is content director at Antelope Media.