Simple tips for turning media releases into media exposure.

Press releases should be a key part of any business’s marketing strategy.

We often produce press releases to get quality exposure for our clients. Used effectively, press releases are a great tool for reaching out to the media and telling your company’s story, building a profile and growing your business. But you’ve only got one chance to get it right… Fail to get the editor’s attention and your story will never get the coverage it deserves.

Here are Antelope Media’s top 10 tips for pitch perfect press releases:

1. Get your angle right.

A press release has to be newsworthy and relevant to the audience of the publication no matter whether online or print. Decide what your story is, and how you can best tell it. This might even mean creating different press releases for different audiences.

2. Start with a catchy headline.

Make sure you get your point across right from the start. Avoid puns. This your bait.

3. Use a subhead or tagline

Make sure it builds on your header and provides more key info.

4. Put the most important information in the first paragraph.

Your first paragraph should summarise the essence of what you need to say, or the who, what, where, when, why and how of the news.

5. Don’t waste words or space.

Think of your press release as valuable real estate where every element needs to work hard to attract attention. Keep it short, but snappy. Don’t be afraid to use bullets.

6. Use quotes from key people for impact to enhance your story.

But don’t just plonk them on the page, weave them into the narrative. It’s about using the quotes to tell your story.

7. Remember, a picture tells a thousand words.

If you have good imagery, don’t just say it, include images in the press release. Most media makes a decision based on good imagery, as well as a good story.

8. Don’t skip the small stuff.

Include detailed info at the end: names, websites, phone numbers, key dates, people, etc.

9. Make sure your layout is logical.

Use language that is simple and clear. Avoid – or explain – any jargon. Edit and proofread your press release before sending.

10. Target your distribution.

Should you put it on a newswire or email individual outlets personally? There’s no one size fits all approach. Be prepared to pitch it and follow up with outlets you really want to score.

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