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Why lawyers need to rethink advertising

Ralph Grayden gives his view on lawyers and content marketing.

Ralph’s article, Why Lawyers Need to Rethink Advertising, has been published in the June 2014 issue of the newly relaunched Law Society of NSW Journal.

As he writes: “Standing out from the pack can be a tough ask for lawyers, which is why targeted and strategic content is a law firm’s best friend.” Continue reading “Why lawyers need to rethink advertising” »


5 things lawyers can learn from copywriters

We think copywriters could teach lawyers a thing or two when it comes to communicating effectively…

lawyers writing copywriters writing for law firmsLawyers are professional writers. In fact, the average solicitor probably produces more words each day than any journalist, copywriter or novelist. But, while other professional writers are drilled in techniques to communicate their ideas simply and effectively, lawyers aren’t. (Well, at least not always). Instead, they can end up alienating clients by sounding like, well, lawyers.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of five simple tricks from the world of advertising copywriting which we think every lawyer should know. Continue reading “5 things lawyers can learn from copywriters” »


CareerHub Launches

Antelope Media was proud to be involved in devising strategy and developing content for the CareerHub, a major new online initiative from the Law Society of NSW. Aimed at helping lawyers negotiate their career, the CareerHub launched on 22 March 2013.

Two of our favourite CareerHub articles are Emma’s on Tweeting to the Top, and Career Consultant Fiona Craig‘s on Planning for Change. Fiona also gave an impressive presentation at the launch.

You can read about the launch in The Australian.